Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sleeper's Run

I was given the opportunity to review "Sleeper's Run" and being an avid reader, accepted the offer. If you enjoy action or spy books, this is definitely the book for you. It definitely has a good hook and keeps you wanting to figure out what happens. This book would be perfect for a young male, approximately 20 years of age. This storyline is constantly moving forward at a sprinting pace, full of espionage, fights, and hacking plots. Any young male would definitely enjoy this book, so keep in mind for holidays and birthday. This might even be just the type of book to inspire a young man on his way to college.  WARNING: I would not recommend for the military as there is very graphic imagery of very current war affairs in extensive detail as the main character does suffer from PTSD. Also, it is a wonder how the main character seems to know how to do anything in whatever situation he happens to be in at that moment. If this were made into a movie, think Harrison Ford. The only other set-back for women readers is the way in which the book is written. It is very factual, and there are not many attempts to make it more emotional, or to relate to the story. Don't get me wrong, it has a very interesting storyline and keeps you turning pages. Once you get the hang of the author's writing style it becomes much easier.

This book is written by Henry Mosquera, who was born in Carcas, Venezuela and went to the University of Miami in Florida. These are the two main locations for the novel, which shows in the detail of the descriptions during those scenes.  This is Henry's first novel and I think he did a smashing job. I can't imagine what his later novels will be like and I am anxious to read them! For more information on Henry Mosquera visit:

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