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SaMiE Designs welcomes advertisers and we have a few different options to suit ANY budget! Whether you are a fellow blogger looking to grow your following or a business looking to spread your word, you can do it at SaMiE Designs!

SaMiE Design stats:
AS OF: 3/10/2012

1076 Facebook Likes
798 Twitter Followers
368 Followers on Google Friend Connect
... And more followers on Google+, Pinterest, & More

So let's talk pricing:

For the Months of March, April and May 2012

100x100(red) - $10/month
200x50(pastel yellow) - $10/month
200x100(orange) - $15/ month
200x200(purple) -  $35/month

For more information and to make arrangements, please contact
Sara of SaMiE Designs at:

Thanks for reading about our Advertising opportunities and more info on different ways to 
sponsor SaMiE Designs will be coming soon!

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