Monday, December 24, 2012

Dial Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash

Good morning everyone, and Happy Holidays! We are having a great little time here ourselves and the house is decorated for the holidays- right down to the bathrooms! Yep, you heard me, the holiday spirit is in my bathroom. A few weeks ago I received two full-size samples of Dial Holiday Liquid Foaming Hand Wash with cute festive designs on them. I was super excited to be able to use these soaps and review them on SaMiE Designs.

The Festive Designs
  I am a busy working mother, and lately I have felt lucky to even remember getting the tree, presents, and stockings ready. Household decor was certainly not my prime worry. Don't get me wrong- I'd love to be the type that always has the halls decking- but that's just not in the cards in this moment in time. So what a neat idea to be able to purchase a household necessity and have a festive design on it. It makes you feel like the ultimate mom, party host, and superwoman. It's one step away from saying, "It's a good thing." 

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Enough about the aesthetics, how well does it work? Just like any Dial product that you already use and trust.  #1 Doctor recommended antibacterial foaming wash, this hand soap kills 99.99% of germs encountered, with a fresh scent and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. 

Kids love it too! If they are the type who you have to constantly remind to wash their hands, grab a foaming hand wash! They'll love washing their hands! They also love the designs! Not into Christmas designs? They also have Hello Kitty designs, and there will probably be more designs in the future. From 1 to 92, I guarantee you all will enjoy this great product. For more information, visit or visit them on Facebook. Tell 'em SaMiE sent ya!

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