Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've been up to...

You may remember that I have said I was quite busy over the summer and into the fall, and that is true, I have. I've also been doing quite a bit of thinking about SaMiE Designs during this time. I'd like to share both of those with you, SaMiE Designs fans.

First, let me tell you what I've been doing that kept me so busy. One thing that has basically been my life is roller derby. I started skated in the beginning of 2012 and I haven't stopped since. I am the co-head of sponsorship, board member, and skater for the Jackson Hole Juggernauts. So when I say derby was my life I mean...derby WAS my life.  2012 was our first season, and we are already gearing up for our second season, bigger and better. To the left is a photo taken from our last intra-league bout of the season. (I am the one in the first row on the right with the green helmet and black stripe, in case you were wondering. :) )

Photo: Scott Wood
Here's another picture of me skating. If you click on the photo, it will take you to the picture on a facebook page. If you click 'like' on it, it will help me to win a scholarship to pay for my derby dues for an entire year! Would love the help in getting a great financial relief!

For the first bout, which occured between Mr. E's birthday and Stink's birthday, my mom and neice flew in from North Carolina. So while getting ready for our first bout (both skating and business wise) and planning birthdays, I also prepared for my family's arrival. Since it was my mom's first time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the summer, we did many touristy but fun activities. Below is a picture of when we rode horses up Snow King. It was beyond fun to be able to do all these things with my family. My mom said it was her dream to be able to ride horses with her children and their children, we were a little over half way there!

Also, during all this I was taking classes at the local community college. After switching majors once or twice, I have decided to finish my degree in marketing. I was able to get some experience at a previous job I held, and realized I had a natural knack for it and wanted to pursue it as a career. Each semester I take usually 3 classes towards this goal. I have been doing very well in college, and keeping my grades up (I get mad if they're anything lower than an A+) is sometimes challenging with the other obligations and responsibilities in my life.

Moving into fall. Stink, who turned 5 over the summer, entered Kindergarten. She's a little mini-me if ever there were one, a little spitfire- so she is loving school and all the new friends and activities that come with it. I also returned to school with a new set of classes and an English Lit class that is particularly difficult in course load and requirements. 

In October I traveled to North Carolina for two reasons: 1. my high school ten year reunion and 2. my dad's 50th birthday. To the right is a picture of me, my dad, my sister, and my brother in the frame. He's overseas right now and we took a lot of silly pictures with that framed photo of him, posted on social media, and chatted with him as if he was really there, since all of us have not been in the same place at the same time in a very long time. It sounds crazy, but it was super fun and we were able to get the entire family in on it. I'll post about that later. Originally the plan was my grandmother was planning a surprise party for my dad in Virginia (where I was born and a good portion of my extended family live) where I would "surprise" him. He had no idea I was even on the East Coast, it was something only a select few knew about. In the end he got sick the day of his party, so instead we dropped by his house later that night. Of course he was still surprised to see me walking into his living room, so mission: accomplished.

So as you can see, I have been super busy lately. However, I have not forgotten about SaMiE Designs. It is my baby. Well, my 5th baby I guess you could say. However, I have been giving the blog A LOT of thought. In the end, I have come to a few realizations. 1. I have been neglecting the blog during my busy time and need to make sure that doesn't happen again. 2. I really need to finish designing the blog to my liking and 3. SaMiE Designs is starting to go in a direction that I am not all together happy with. The world of blogging can be overwhelming and confusing, and I have been distracted by things I thought were necessary. Thus, a return to crafts, the original inspiration for the blog. Don't get me wrong, we will still have as many reviews and giveaways as I can reasonable handle. However, I miss doing crafts or sharing my experiences, thoughts, and comments in doing those things, so we will pull focus back to those things. There will be a few non-essential elements disappearing from the blog, little things that are time-consuming and not of high priority to me, the blog, or you- the readers.

I am reminded of what lies under the title of this blog, the tagline that is the mission statement of SaMiE Designs. It is a reminder, an inspiration, and a goal that should be continuously filled. 
If it's crafty, green, thrifty, easy or fun, we're in.

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  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading all the aspects of your life. How fun and exciting! I love the roller derby part :) I understand about the blog it is a lot of work and I think it is important to stay true to you!


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