Get Your Big Sister or Little Sister Here!

Please click on the tab "All about Blogger Sisters" to read the rules BEFORE applying. Thanks!

There is a max amount of entries I can take per month. If I have reached the max for the month, please wait until the next month. Sorry if there is any inconvenience. I may upgrade my account, but in the meantime I can only make 50 blogger sisters per month.

Please use the comment section below to brag about your blogger sister!


  1. Please contact me. I've had a little trouble with the sign up process.

    1. Karen,

      I just logged into my manager and found your application in there a-ok! thanks for signing up! If you have any further questions, send me an email at


  2. I'm having trouble with your application form. For the values that I have to leave on the default setting (i.e. I get less than 50 visits/day, have less than 50 followers, cannot check any of the options in the 'tell me about your blog' section, and can communicate daily with my sister) I get an error when I click submit. The form reloads with those areas highlighted, saying I have to enter a value. Please help!

    1. Courtney, I am so sorry the form is not working for you :( If you would like to send me the info directly to I can put it all in for you! Thanks for participating!


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