Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Projects, New Names?

Welcome to 2012! I am certainly excited for the New Year. So far it is going quite well on my end, and I'd love to share all of this new news with you!

I have four beautiful children, who over the years I have mentioned from time to time in my blogs, which have been set to private. Now that I've made my personal blog and others public, I have realized that leaving their names available for anyone to see made me a little uncomfortable. So I have been combing through my blogs and changing each instance of their given name to their given nickname. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce my children by the names I will be referring them to from this point on. 

"Mr. E" - Male, 8 Years Old, Loves Superheroes and knowing how things work. He needed a 'super' name because he's a super kid.
"Fingers" - Female, 7 Years Old, Loves reading and writing. (Just like her momma!) Her name comes from 'stickyfingers' as she was the first child to accidentally take something from a store. Albeit she was less than 2 :)
"Stink" - Female, 4 Years Old, Loves entertaining a crowd and having fun. Her name comes from "stinkytoes" which was her name as a baby. I'll let you guess why. (She actually LOVES being called "stink")
"Bubby" - Female, 3 Years Old, Loves using her imagination and mommy.*Edited to add: After the publishing of this post my mom reminded me she called me (also the youngest) bubby and this almost made her cry. It was nice to hear that because I had no idea where I started calling her Bubby.
Now you may remember I mentioned new projects. I didn't forget my friends, just saving the best for last. (I know, evil, right?) Well, I should start by saying I'm sorry there hasn't been a post for a while. A friend(who shall remained unnamed) borrowed and lost my camera before I uploaded the pictures stored on its sd card. I created some really awesome homemade gifts this past Christmas and would LOVE to talk about how I made them, what worked, what didn't, etc. However no pictures, no real post. I am hoping for the safe return of my camera, and provided it is found, I will then post about those projects. 

In the meantime I have a few other projects currently in progress. One is my sketchbook for the 2012 Sketchbook project. Can't wait to finish that, send it off, and upload some pictures. I also am currently looking into different home made beauty products, testing them out, seeing what is easiest, works best, etc etc. I might include some products into my own line when it launches. Still looking for a good shelf stable and natural conditioner, so if you come across one, let me know.

There are two more projects in the works that I can't speak on the specifics-yet, that is. One is a great opportunity for me, something I am very passionate about, but until it is "official" it's under wraps. The other project I can't talk about....well all I can say is... it's Tee-rrific!

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